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Concordia Cemetery Ghost Tour

Historic Concordia Cemetery has long been rumored as one of El Paso's most paranormal hotspots. With a history that dates back to the 1880's, and over 60,000 souls resting within it's walls, it is literally a city of the dead... with a host of ghosts-in-residence. Some of the spirits are said to include the fascinating Lady Flo ('the lady in white') as well as the notorious Old West gunslinger John Wesley Hardin. Unexplained sounds such as the hoofbeats of horses or the laughter of children have been reported coming from the cemetery at night.

Concordia is home to many historically-themed events, including regular ghost tours, where many a patron has seen or experienced the paranormal...
Experience the hauntings of Concordia Cemetery and see if YOU can find activity inside El Paso's City of the Dead.

Come and investigate for yourself and see where Ghost Adventures caught evidence at the cemetery. Bring your cameras and become the Ghost Hunter as you learn about the history, mystery, and lore of this historic landmark. Meet at the Yandell entrance to the cemetery . Ages 10 and up. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult over 21. $25 a person. Traditionally, our Concordia Cemetery tour is held the First Saturday of the month. Click the ticket link below for event date, and time information.

Proceeds to benefit Concordia Cemetery for preservation and restoration purposes. The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Click here for Concordia Cemetery Ghost Tour Tickets.

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